ASK Applications seeks to make mobile communication devices accessible, especially to those with physical disabilities. We have created an application called ASK Messaging that allows users with fine motor control disabilities to send email and text messages from an iPad, using an interface that does not require precise onscreen touches.


ASK Applications was started by six computer science engineering students from the University of Michigan. ASK Messaging began as our senior design project through the College of Engineering.  We have been working with therapists and patients at the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital in Ann Arbor to design and test our applications.

Erica Christensen (University of Michigan, BSE '11)
Kimberly Hunter (University of Michigan, BSE '11)
Scott Jenks (University of Michigan, BSE '10)
Chelsea LeBlanc (University of Michigan, BS '11)
Chris McMeeking (University of Michigan, BSE '12)
Michelle Noronha (University of Michigan, BSE '11)